How Many New Construction Buyers Use a REALTORĀ®?

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I questioned many Sales Reps who work for Builders in New Construction Communities.  I asked the simple question, "How many of your new construction buyers use a Realtor".  I was surprised how one of the sales reps phrased her answer.  She said to me, "In my communities with the more "savvy buyers", 100% of my buyers use a Realtor.

 Why?  Because the "savvy buyers" (as she put it) know   1) they have the benefits of working with an excellent knowledgeable builder sales rep as well as   2) have their best interest represented with a Realtor Buyer's Agent who only represents the Buyer in the sales and construction process. During the sales and building process, yes, there will be issues that come up where the Builder's sales rep is required to act in the best interest of the Builder.  In these instances, it is always in the Seller's best interest to have a Realtor working for them.  A Realtor who is a Certified New Home Specialist, Residential Construction Certified, and who has direct experience working for Builders will have the expertise to work for your best interest in your New Home Construction purchase.

How? How much more does it cost to purchase a new construction home when the Buyer is working with a Realtor.  There is no additional cost in the price of the home when working with a Realtor.  Builders depend on the many sales they get in every community from Realtors, so for the most part, Builders pay particular attention that Realtor sales go well so that the Realtor continues to bring them many buyers.

What? What is the process to  work with a Realtor when purchasing a New Construction Home?  Will the Buyer give up their independence?  Buyers can have the REALTOR® involved in as much of the process as the Buyer is comfortable or as little as the Buyer is comfortable.  It is the Buyer's choice.  Many Buyers use the REALTOR® as a first resource to learn about available new home communities.  When they decide to visit new home communities, they can visit with the REALTOR® or on their own.  If Buyer's visit a new home sales center on their own, they should ask their REALTOR® to first register them with the Builder by phone ...  Or the Buyer should advise the New Home Community Sales Rep that they are working with a Realtor and include the Realtor's name when they complete the registration form.  The REALTOR® will be present during the Contract writing, the Settlement, and any other Builder meetings the Buyer wants the Realtor to attend.  Most importantly, the REALTOR® is there for the Buyer when problems arise.  The Realtor can take a lot of the stress off the Buyer and make the entire process easier for them.

Think like the "savvy buyers".   If you wouldn't go to court without an attorney, why would you buy a new construction home without a licensed REALTOR®?


Jane Trail, REALTOR®, is affiliated with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage.  She is

  • Certified New Homes Specialist
  • Residential Construction Certified
  • Pricing Strategy Advisor Certified
  • Years of work experience employed by national, regional, and local builders as a New Home Community Sales Representative

Jane Trail can be contacted by phone, text, or e-mail at 

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